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Monday, July 16, 2007

Partnership with CiRBA

Toronto, Ontario – July 16, 2007 – CiRBA Inc., a leader in Data Center Intelligence, today announced that Lumen21, a leading IT consulting firm specializing in infrastructure optimization, has standardized on CiRBA's Data Center Intelligence (DCI) solution for all server consolidation and virtualization engagements. Lumen21 will also resell the software to clients for use in maintaining an optimally consolidated data center.

CiRBA's enterprise software enables services organizations to rapidly and accurately map the optimal consolidation or virtualization opportunities within their data centers. CiRBA is unique in providing in-depth analysis of critical technical, business and workload related constraints and presenting the results through intuitive maps that offer a detailed roadmap to consolidation. In addition, CiRBA supports a variety of strategies including virtualization, application stacking and database consolidation on all platforms.

CiRBA will be used by Lumen21's infrastructure consulting team that is focused on optimizing operations, server, storage and network aspects of a client's IS organization. The team will use CiRBA to perform the analysis and planning of consolidation initiatives, including virtualization, for clients.

"We searched for a solution to help us guide clients in their consolidation and virtualization initiatives, but most of the tools we evaluated focused on just doing the work of consolidation," said Raj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer of Lumen21. "These tools didn’t provide a clear enough picture of complex environments to enable us to make good decisions and reduce risk for our clients. CiRBA’s discovery capability and consideration for all types of constraints provides the missing link that will enable us to better advise clients. We believe that those not using a solution like CiRBA are greatly increasing their chances of failure."

"We are very pleased to be working with Lumen21. Organizations are quickly realizing that consolidation planning, particularly in large data centers, can be extremely complex. Insufficient analysis limits the cost savings organizations can achieve with consolidation and puts business operations at risk," said Gerry Smith, president and CEO of CiRBA.

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