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Monday, March 9, 2015

Lumen21 and Team Up to Enhance IT Security in the Cloud

Compliant Cloud Computing Platform Integrates Universal Login and QR Web Payments

ORANGE, Calif. March 9, 2015 - Lumen21, an award-winning global technology firm that specializes in compliance technology services and solutions, today announced it has reached an agreement to offer the solution as part of its offering for its Compliant Cloud Computing platform as well as distribution rights to those clients looking for an on premise solution.

The offering eliminates User IDs and Passwords by turning your phone into a secure authentication device. It provides multi-factor authentication with unmatched ease of use and renders keyboard loggers useless.

“Adding the offering to the Lumen21 Compliant Cloud Computing platform provides an additional capability to what is an already exciting and unique cloud offering,” said Eduardo Don Jr., president of Lumen21. “Our existing and prospective clients, particularly in regulated industries, can add an additional area of protection for their computing needs either in our cloud or on premise.”

Lumen21 Compliant Cloud Computing offers a distinct advantage over many cloud computing vendors because it understands the intricacies of compliance and has taken the extra steps to achieve certifications specific to the industries it serves. Organizations that want to gain the advantages of cloud computing in a HIPAA environment will particularly benefit from Lumen21 Compliant Cloud Computing.

The SEKUR eHealth solution eliminates usernames and passwords. It also provides online and mobile payments with fingerprints, specifically designed for the Healthcare industry. By combining a smartphone’s unique hardware with an individual’s fingerprint or PIN, it authenticates the user with 100% accuracy before a transaction occurs, which reduces or eliminates identity theft and fraud.

“With SEKUR eHealth, there is nothing to steal,” said Jack Bicer, founder and CEO. “Our eHealth solution does not contain any PII or PHI, and fully supports HIPAA as well as PCI.”


Founded by Jack Bicer, the inventor of Uninstall and Automatic Software Updates. SEKUR Me, Inc. eliminates online payment friction for eCommerce and mCommerce sites. Its patented technology combines single-click convenience with multi-factor authentication, providing a high level of security with an unmatched level of convenience by eliminating User IDs and Passwords for safer logins. For more information, visit or email

About Lumen21

Lumen21 is an award-winning global technology firm focused on delivering the highest quality IT services to its clients and resellers. Their main offerings include 24x7 managed services, custom application development, compliant cloud computing and IT/business consulting. Lumen21's depth of experience, industry best practices and focus on innovation means their clients benefit from less complex, professionally managed technology infrastructures and applications. In particular, organizations required to comply with federal or industry regulations (i.e. HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GLBA, etc.), gain improved visibility and control over their applications and data with Lumen21's innovative compliant cloud computing solutions. To learn more, visit

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